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Who Are We?

Asphalt Roof Cleaning is a family owned business that operates under Shoreline Enterprises which has been painting homes and preserving cedar roofs in the Fairfield & Westchester County area since 1985.


We take pride in performing quality work and exceeding expectations when it comes to customer service. We know what it’s like to deal with contractors who don’t return calls, who act in a disrespectful manner, or who seem to cause more problems than they fix, so our goal from day one has been to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, and to offer a level of value that would differentiate us from the pack. 

Experienced professionals should only be on your roof.

Chris Polidoro and Michael Italiano have been a well-oiled machine working together for the last 5 years making Fairfield & Westchester County homeowners satisfied with improvement projects that make their homes beautiful.


Chris & Michael believe strongly in educating the consumer so that they can make smart decisions regarding their home.  Asphalt Roof Cleaning is their latest venture that allows them to have a broader reach of homeowners to work with and educate them on prevenative maintenance, rather than replacement!  



asphalt roof cleaning experts

It's All About The Customers For Us!

The only thing that really matters is what your customers say about you.  We are confident that they're saying good things.   Join our growing list of satisfied customers today!


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